Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Member and Rochester Teen Book Festival!

       Hi guys! I'm Jordan, the newest Read Between the Lines member! Some of you may know me from my old blog, Sleep.Eat.Read. I noticed that since my swim season started, I stopped posting as frequently as I used to, so I, being the silly person I am, shut down the blog. Now, I regret it. Because I miss it. Tons! Luckily, I have connections to people like Mrs. A! (Okay, I really mean Jessie, the currently blogger for Read Between the Lines. BUT, she was my middle school English teacher first, so she will forever be Mrs. A to me. So when I say Mrs A, know that I am referring to her.:)) Anyway! Mrs A so kindly let me join Read Between the Lines, this way I can still be involved with the book blogging that I love! So, thanks Mrs A! :)
      So, before I talk about how amazing TBF was let me tell you a little bit about me. Hmm. Let's see. Well, I'm a almost senior in high school, I'm at the end of my junior year. I absolutely LOVE reading, maybe even more than breathing. I'm always reading a book, no matter how much time I have. (Which probably isn't a good thing when it comes to studying for tests and stuff) I even drove from New York, where I live,  to Texas just for a book fesitval. Which totally rocked, BTW. I may have also skipping Prom for the Rochester TBF. Again, totally rocked. What I REALLY want to do is get together with some of my other YA blogger friends and have a blog run by 4 or 5 of us. Hopefully that can happen soon. I'm the quiet one at school, but loud around people I'm comfortable with. Although I love TONS of authors, and TONS of books, there is something about Heather Brewer, A.S. King, and Ellen Hopkins. What they stand for. What they are passionate for. I connect, and it makes me love them all the more. Hmmm. What else. I'm always listening to music, and when I graduated, I  plan on going to school to become a school psychologist. Well, I think that's about it! Now, onto TBF!
       Okay! So! There is this AWESOME event that takes place at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. Lets look at pictures.



         You can't tell me that doesn't look awesome. :) The event was an absolute blast. The day is broken up. In the morning, it starts with a parade of authors. Then, book sales. After that, an opening session, including all of the authors, and all the attendees. Then the authors split up. Some in groups, some by themselves. There are 3 sessions throughout the day, unless you choose to skip lunch, then you can attend 4. I, of course, skipped lunch. Who needs lunch when you can hang out with Laurie Halse Anderson?  
          I decided that I would go to the following sessions: Laurie Halse Anderson, A.S. King, Jenny Han and Melissa Walker, and Amy Holder and Gae Polisner. They all totally rocked! Laurie talking about her life, which is actually VERY motivational. Jenny Han and Melissa Walker played fun games, and Amy Holder and Gae Polisner and  talked about the road to publication. But, like I said before, there is something about A.S. King that I totally love. Besides being made of awesomeness, how passionate she is about what she does astounds me. She talked about self love, bullying, and packing suitcases. Not a REAL suitcase. Our own personal suitcase. She talked about not letting others pack our suitcases for us by what they say or do to us. It made me think twice. And the message REALLY stuck with me. Amy, thanks for that. It's definitely made me see things differently. Seriously. 
       All together, the even totally rocked, and I will be going next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. So, if you are at all local, the even is TOTALLY free, and it TOTALLY rocks, so you should go. I always have so much fun! (Thank you TBF twitter account for all the pictures. :))

      Well guys, along with the guest posts that and tours that Mrs A does, Ill should be posting things like book reviews, possibly tours, guest posts. Things of that sort, so make sure to stop by more often for things from both of us! 

                                          Happy Reading! :)

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