Friday, November 13, 2009


I'm finding it difficult to post my thoughts because I read it nearly a month ago, so my assignment for you girls is this: Post your initial thoughts. This can be anything while you're reading or even after the book is done. If you write after you've finished, please put a disclaimer saying that there may be spoilers. That way anyone who hasn't finished the book can skip over your comment.

Maybe if I read your thoughts, it will spurn some of my own.


  1. I'm half way through it, but I think that Melinda is really weird ! Her dreams would be the dreams that I wouldn't want to see.... I can honest say that I have NEVER had dreams like hers. When I was reading it I was like. "whoa ! Thats gross. " Maybe there mihgt be something behind why she is dreaming that.. I don't know.... Thats my thoughts on Melinda dreams.

    I am only about half way done... But Cabel and Janie are going to end up today.. You can just picture how cute he has to be in your head... Even though the whole monster like thing in his dream is kind weird....

    I still picture him as a real cutie.... (Kinda like Mr. Brink :) )


  2. Yeah, some of the dreams she gets sucked into are really...strange. I don't know what to think about that, and really, they were an unnecessary part of the book. As for Cabe, I didn't picture him as being cute. He's more the average guy that no one notices, but only ends up being cute after you know him. He isn't the type that people would notice at first. Keep reading. The monster thing is explained.


    I finally finished.
    I thought that the fact that he said that he would rather have Janie instead of his job... Well, it's just plain adorable.. I mean doesn't every woman want a guy that is willing to like give up everything for her ? But... I think that he should have mentioned something to Janie about everything being a lie... I mean, that Janie told Cabe her biggest secret, and Cabe knew that and he didn't say anything to her about it... Well I guess he kinda did... But not to where she really knew what was going on...He made it seem like he really was with Shay... if that makes sense.

    Throughout the book, my perspective on Cabe changed... I guess, I wasn't really sure what to think of hime through out the book.. Like one minute you think he would be a liar, or a dealer or whatever. But then other times, he was this really sweet guy.. It was really hard to follow him, until the end....

    There were parts of the book that I didn't like at all... But I think after finishing it, it was a pretty good book...

  4. I think that's why I liked his character. I never could really figure him out, but once you looked back on him after the whole thing was done, everything he did made sense. It made him very real.

  5. heres what i think. i read this book within 4 hours in one day. i found it interesting, not the type of book i'm usually into reading, but it was alright. The seeing into people's dreams is cool but what i find really cute is how cabe sent her messages in his dreams. And i thought it was awesome that janie figured out to help the people in their dreams , and how to control hers. also the blind lady, name slips my mind at the moment, but i thought it was cool how the author incorparated her into the book and into the dreams where she helps janie. i really like that. Yes jordan, melinda is strange and...thats all i have to say about that : ] Sorry for all the typos and missed capitalisations but i'm in a rush.
    bye, love you.
    cant wait to see new moon btw!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we all miss you mrs. a!

  6. Thanks Jess! I miss you guys too.

    I did like the message part of the dream sequence. Very cool idea.

    Here's a question for you. Have you ever been able to manipulate your own dreams? I haven't. The closest I've come is to think really hard about a dream that was interrupted by waking up and being able to finish that same dream. That was cool.