Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Lovely Bones

Well, I've decided to use this blog not only to discuss the books you are reading as a group but to also give thoughts on anything I've been reading.

I finally got my hands on The Lovely Bones, which had been recommended to me by a few different people. It was supposedly controversial because of some mature and shocking content. That information didn't bother me one bit. However, I hated the book.

It started off o.k.. Really got into the mystery and murder of one said character, and the conflict surrounded the murder investigation. But by the end, the conflict had changed. No longer was it about finding out who done it and punishing the bad guy (BTW, I do not think that the bad guy always has to be punished to make a good story.)but instead changed directions to follow how the family was coping with the death.

I don't even mind having a sub conflict, but the first was left entirely in the dust until the last chapter where the resolution was a total cop-out. (This is hard to write without giving away vital information.)I was not impressed by this story. It was not a quick read as I had anticipated, nor did the story really move. It almost seemed like there was too much going on, too much of a focus on too many characters.

Maybe I was most disappointed because I stayed up half the night reading and was not satisfied at all with the outcome. I feel like I wasted time and energy.

I'm not disappointed by many books, but this one didn't do it for me. My apologies to the author.


  1. And everyone wanted to read that for the next book club book.. But we chose Wake instead.

  2. I've read this book as well...hated it. A lot. It really had no point. The book had one of those plots that just doesn't go anywhere, has no direction or meaning. It drove me insane, and the book itself stopped being interesting about a quarter of the way through. I heard they were making this into a movie. Why, only God knows, but I pity anyone who goes to see it.

  3. Danielle, welcome to the club! Girls, Danielle is a member of the teen writer's group I've started in Sinclairville. We appreciate your comments.

    I'm interested in the movie only to see how they could possibly redeem this story. Maybe I'll wait till the library gets it. At least then I won't have wasted any money if it stinks as much as the book.

  4. Good idea. I know a lot of movies that did injustice to good books, but I'm not really sure how they could make this book any worse. It really is awful.

  5. Yes, welcome !

    I'm Jordan by the way. The most amazing member of the club! :)

  6. Well, you certainly aren't the most modest. =/