Monday, January 7, 2013

Top Ten Excuses--Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin, author of Crossing the Deep  is with us today with her tongue-in-cheek top ten reasons why she doesn't write. 

Ten Reasons Why I Don’t Write
By: Kelly Martin
Author of Crossing the Deep (out now)
Saint Sloan (coming Feb. 28th, 2013)

10. I don’t write… to change the world because that would be silly. I write to make money and live the ‘good life’. (AH hahahahahah!!! That's funny, Kelly.)

9. I don’t write… to take forever on a book. Seriously, I can put out a finished, edited, polished book in two weeks easily.

8. I don’t write… to meet other writers because we all really are against each other. No friends in business.

7. I don’t write… for my fans/readers. I never take what they have to say into consideration and would never name characters after them.

6. I don’t write… to get better at it. Honestly, I was at the top of my game in high school. Why would I need to improve? (Amazing!!! Me too.)

5. I don’t write… to tell stories that are laid on my heart. I use what’s ‘popular’ and go from there.

4. I don’t write… to make my kids proud of me. They are the last thing on my mind.

3. I don’t write… to have to participate in blog hop. I get so tired of them.

2. I don’t write… Young Adult because it’s what I feel God has laid on my heart. It’s for the money… because all the money is in YA. (My sides hurt from laughing.)

1.                I don’t write… extremely sarcastic blog posts in the hopes of making you laugh, giggle, snicker, nod, and/or guffaw… oh wait…. I guess I do ;)

I want to thank Jessie for having me on her blog today. Honestly, I love my readers, write YA because it’s what I feel God wants me to write, love blog hops, want my kids to be proud, to get better at it, to take my time and write a good story, and maybe… maybe change someone’s life or (even) the world. (Kelly, sounds like we need to get to know each other better. We have a lot in common.)

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  1. For a brief moment I got a little bit worried ! LOL ... Great post .... and whether you like it or not ... you've got an Aussie friend ;-)

  2. Thanks for having me, Jessie :) I hope my playful sarcasm hasn't ran off your readers. ;)