Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Top Ten Reasons Why NOT to Write--Catherine Bennett Lascow

Welcome back, everyone. Today, Catherine Bennett is here to share her list of excuses. Be sure to check out her book below. 

10 Reasons Why I Don’t Write by Catherine Bennett
1.     Fear of failure                                                                                                  
2.     Constant demands by my two Labradors
3.     Facebook
4.     Job
5.     Too busy reading other people’s books
6.     Bored husband who demands attention in the evening
7.     Pinterest
8.     Hours spent at Starbucks with compulsive coffee-drinking son
9.     Difficulty piecing together a compelling story
10.  Too much sleeping

Love. Desire. A psycho bent on revenge. But can Charlie Reynolds recognize the most dangerous of the three?

Since being out on her own at eighteen, Charlotte “Charlie” Reynolds is a street-smart “good” girl who hides her desire for love and security behind her feisty and independent personality. She just never expected a more noxious hero than wealthy, self-consumed Evan Gardner, the CEO and founder of Valley Tech., a successful software company in Los Angeles. From the moment Evan rescues her from an apparent random attack, their attraction for each other bubbles just below the surface of all-out passion.



  1. I like to think i’m learning, but when i learn one thing another comes along, 24hours in the day is just never enough, cheers for your insight

  2. you need sleep...it recharges the battery!