Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guest post-- Author, Joselyn Vaughn

Welcome all. Today we're taking a break from our usual author interview. Instead, I have author, Joselyn Vaughn with us to tell us a bit about her writing space. I'm always curious where and how authors write the stories they do. So here's Joselyn to tell us:

My writing space tends to be wherever I can grab a notebook and a pen and get some words down on a paper. The dining room, the picnic table, a bench in the park. What inevitably happens is that as soon as I have been writing long enough to get an idea flowing, the kids start needing help. They need to go potty or they need a snack or they don’t like having sand thrown in their face despite the fact that they were whipping it around the sandbox by the shovelful.

The most writing gets done when I’m curled up in a corner of the couch well after they have gone to bed.

I do have a desk, but am rarely productive there. I most often work there when the kids are having rest time in the afternoon. Technically, they are supposed to sit and watch a movie for an hour or so, but what usually happens is that my daughter decides she needs to use the potty every ten minutes and has completely forgotten how to dress herself while my other daughter pees on the couch. So I mostly do a lot of running and cleaning. Nor are the delightful sounds of children’s programming conducive to concentration.

My desk is an old spindle leg thing that used to be my mom’s sewing table. It was also mine before I started writing. Above it, I have a print of ‘A Rainy Day in Paris’ which I love to stare at. I also have another picture that perplexes me. It is an image of a young woman reading. She is wearing a golden yellow dress and holding her book at her chest. This is not what I find strange. The picture has been clearly and not skillfully cut out from a book and framed professionally. On the back is a tape with the name of an art gallery printed on it. This tape has been placed over the edge of the frame so it wasn’t tampered with to put this picture in it. It’s all very curious. Why was a page of a book framed in such a way? So while I have a lovely desk, most of my writing gets done elsewhere.

Thanks for being with us, Joselyn. Be sure to check out Joselyn via the contact links below, and buy her book on the links farther down.

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  1. I don't use my computer desk either. It's too easy to click on youtube on my desktop (my laptop is much slower internet wise lol)

    1. I must be a weird one who uses my desk!

  2. Thanks so much for having me! Astraea Press is having a sale, so all my books with them are only 99 cents!

    1. Sure, any time. Sorry I didn't post it yesterday on FB. life got a little crazy. I'm sure you understand.