Monday, February 17, 2014

The Husband Interview-- Elizabeth Seckman and J. Andersen

 A simple chick with a simple dream…
to write stories people want to read.
I love doing something different on the blog, so when Elizabeth Seckman, author of the Coulter Men Series, suggested a husband interview for her blog hop, I jumped at the idea. So, we worked up a few questions and asked our respective husbands. Chad Seckman is Elizabeth's husband and Todd Andersen is Jessie's husband. Here are their answers...

1. What's the best part about having a writer for a wife?

Elizabeth and  her hubby, Chad
CS--      (Chad is my first reader) I get to see what her creative mind has inside it. The “movie” that plays out while I read is wonderful.

TA--My wife gets to stay home and be with the kids and still do something she finds rewarding. (Both Todd and I work from home. We eat lunch together. I'm pretty sure we're the only couple who can stand each other enough to have us both be home all the time.)

2. What's the worst part about having a writer for a wife?

CS--   My biggest complaint is that she doesn’t see in herself the greatness that I do.

TA--Being grammatically corrected in everyday speech. (Yes, it's true. Luckily, Todd knows his grammar pretty well, so this doesn't happen too often.)

3. What's your favorite take out place when the muse is visiting?

CS--  I never go for take out. Elizabeth is pretty good at leaving us food in the fridge we can warm up.

TA--We don't eat takeout. We live in a podunk town that doesn't have take outs. 

4. My hubs (CS), the smart aleck, wants to ask your hubs if he has to dig through the laundry basket to find socks when deadlines approach.
Jessie and her hubby, Todd. 

CS-- (This is a total lie, but he’s either trying to make me look good or is oozing sarcasm!) I never have to dig for socks. She lays them out for me before she goes to bed.

TA--I have to dig through the laundry baskets every day to find socks, not just at deadline time. 

5. What meals do you cook when your wife is too busy to make dinner?

CS--  When she gets really busy, I try to cook something. Usually cheeseburgers. I don’t have a big list of foods I have mastered.

TA--    I make a mean grilled cheese for the kids. Sauteed salmon for me.
a.      Recipe for Grilled Cheese: Spread butter on bread. Put the bread in pan butter side down. Add two pieces of cheese. Add bread butter side up. Grill to golden perfection. (Optional: Swing dishtowel at smoke alarm if "golden perfection" turns to blackened char.)  
b.       Recipe for Sauteed salmon: Put a bit of oil in pan. Salt and pepper each side of salmon. Toss into pan and grill until crispy. Wait for your wife to yell at the grease spatters all over the stovetop because you forgot to cover the pan. 

6. Finish the following sentence: You know you're married to a writer when...

CS--You go to bed with your wife and her laptop because she stays up late to finish work so she isn’t losing family time.

TA--your extra spending cash turns out to be 1/332nd of minimum wage.

7. If you were to have free reign in spending the last royalty check, what would you buy? 

CS--  I’d save the money and surprise her with the honeymoon she never got to have. (Looks like my honeymoon will be dinner and a movie again…LOL)
TA--Royalty check? What Royalty check.

Aren't our hubbies funny?

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  1. This was fun! We should get the spouses on the blogs more often!

  2. I agree! That was genius of you to think of the topic.

  3. You two have some amazing husbands. Each has their own way in dealing with and celebrating having an author wife.

    1. You're right, Sheena-Kay. I think I'll keep him. :)

  4. This was so much fun! Great husbands you have there. :)