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New Release by first time author, Celeste Holloway.-- Sebastian Falls

Please join me in welcoming my good friend, Celeste Holloway. I'm giddy about having her here to promote her new release SEBASTIAN FALLS

You see, Celeste and I started out in the publishing/writing arena around the same time. That's how we met. We've encouraged one another over the years and through our publication processes. I'm overjoyed that her book, SEBASTIAN FALLS is out! I read it in beta form and let me tell you, it's awesome!!!
Sebastian Falls Blurb
A year after her parents’ death, seventeen-year-old, Meadow Parker is close to having a grave of her own.
Beyond her shrink’s false diagnosis of PTSD, there’s no medical reason for her failing health. Only she knows the cause. But if Meadow told the truth—told them what comes for her at night—they’d lock her in a padded cell.
Grasping to help her find closure, Meadow’s best friend, Casey Somner, drags her to the place her parents were obsessed with—the historical landmark that fuels Meadow’s fears and nightmares.

Once Meadow steps foot on the hallowed ground, she has a supernatural encounter that leaves her stricken with terror, but charged with power, fulfilling the legendary prophesy about the coming of The Keeper.

Both the holy and the unholy have waited over a hundred years for a new Keeper to resurface. Like it or not, Meadow’s destiny as Keeper is sealed, and the battle for her soul begins. A sharp double-edged sword, she will either save the world from Armageddon or fast track its annihilation.

Let's take a little bit of time to get to know the lady behind the book.

1.      What do you do when you aren’t writing?
I have a nine-year-old daughter, so if she isn’t in school, we’re hanging out. We love to watch movies, shop, and spend time at the library. Recently, she decided to be an Olympic runner, so I guess my new hangout will be the track.

2.      Do you make your bed every morning?
Yes!!!!! I’ve tried not to, but it haunts me until I do it. (I hate making the bed.)

3.      Tell us about your driving skills. Ever get road rage?
Ha! I guess I’m the passive aggressive type, so if another driver is on my nerves, I usually call them a stupid jerk without rolling down the window. As for my driving skills, I rarely break the speed limit. (My grandfather was one of the original NASCAR drivers in the 40s, so speed is in the blood. I have a lead foot.)

4.      What’s your favorite drink? Tea? Coffee? Wine? Other? All?
I’m  a Diet Pepsi-aholic, but I’m trying hard to kick the habit.

5.      Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate, all the way!

6.      What’s one thing that makes you proud? (Besides writing your book. We all know that will make you proud. :) )
My daughter, Letty, she’s a determined kid with a beautiful heart and giving hands. (We need to hook her up with my son!)

7.      How are you going to celebrate the release of your book?
I wish I had an exciting answer for this one, but so far, smelling the pages is all I have planned. (When we finally meet in person, we'll do a celebratory dinner.)

8.      Describe yourself using only words that start with “B” or “M”.
Bold (Beautiful, Brave, Magnificient, Mother.)

9.      Describe your everyday style. What would we see if we ran into you in Walmart?
Go ahead and call the fashion police! Usually, it’s jeans and t-shirts for me.

10.  What’s your biggest pet peeve?
People broadcasting their good deeds. (Oh, good one...Did I ever tell you about the time...Just kidding.) 

11.  Tell us something about yourself that few people know. For instance, I am trying to be an extreme couponer, and I occasionally drink chocolate syrup from the bottle. J
Awesome!!! I always wanted to try couponing, but I called Honey Boo-Boo’s mom for help, and she turned me away. Maybe you can show me how to be a super saver! Okay, sorry I got sidetracked. Something few people know about me. . . . I’m sort of creeped out by the dark, but not being outdoors in the dark. Also, cows freak me out. (You did NOT just say, "Honey Boo-Boo" on my blog.)

12.  What was your favorite chapter to write and why?
The first because it held a ton of possibilities and hope.

13.  Describe your writing environment.
I’ve heard of writers who write in a room filled with people and noise, but I’m not that kind of a writer. I need silence and privacy. Usually, I write in the living room on my recliner, but when I’m rich and famous, (I can dream) I’ll have a fancy office with a deadbolt on the door. J

14.  Name 4 things that make you want to go “EEEEEEK!”
 1. Spiders
 2. Running out of hair conditioner
 3. Stepping in poo-poo
 4. Large men in speedos (HA!)

15.   If you owned and ice cream company and sold your signature version of Neapolitan, what three stripes of flavor would be in the box?
Crud, that’s a hard one. Give me a sec. . . . Peanut butter, cheesecake, and blueberry, yep those are my final picks. (I like all those flavors, but I can't say I'd try them together.)
16.  You’re throwing a dinner party.  The guests are Mark Harmon, Agatha Christie, Jay Asher, James Roday, Pope Francis and me.  What do you serve?  WHAT DO YOU SERVE?
Mark Harmon, really? (Hey, my mother would love to have Mark Harmon to dinner. She's a NCIS fan. DO NOT call her while it's on. She won't answer.) Welp, since I believe in putting on the glitz, I’m calling the chefs from Mt. Fuji, so they can squirt fake ketchup in the Pope’s face while saying, “Yummi, yummi!” After the poor guy falls out of his chair, Agatha Christie might steal a bite of steak off his plate and secretly hope he dies. That way, she can cook up a new novel, called, Death and Sushi. Of course, Jay Asher will feel his creative vibes and turn competitive. He’ll snatch up her fried rice and toss it at the chef to create a diversion. This enables him to chat up James Roday about directing his next hit, Six Reasons to Pick Different Dinner Guests. You don’t mean to do it, but you can’t help but listen to the two of them whispering, and you slap Jay for suggesting you guys are crappy dinner guests. The unsuspecting Jay stands, holding his cheek, and Mark Harmon opens his fortune cookie, then dances around the chef. Of course, the chef has no idea why Mark’s hopping around on one foot, so he slams his spatula on the table and cracks an egg over your head. (What? Why do I get the egg?) The excitement is too much for him. His brain is overloading. He meant to crack the egg in the skillet, but he’s losing control. Seeing the flames in your eyes, (it’s a reflection of the fire) I usher Chef Yummi out of my house and as a peace offering, I hand you a cranberry orange scone. (As long as my dad made them, I accept.) J  

Be sure to check out Celeste's AWESOME book, Sebastian Falls on Amazon.

Author Bio: I'm a dreamer who doesn't know how to quit, Mother to the best kid on the planet, and a non-recovering perfume addict. Writing is my passion, and I'm obsessed with all things old. Look me up on Facebook. I love making new friends.

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