Monday, November 26, 2012

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Write-- George Clever.

We're back with a second installment of the TOP TEN REASONS (excuses) WHY NOT TO WRITE. This time we have my friend, George Clever from the Sinclairville Write Circle with us. For those of you who know George, you'll know he has a unique sense of humor, so some of these reasons may be lost on you without the aid of his glorious explanations. However, we can't have it all all the time. So, enjoy George's excuses anyway.

Ten Reasons Why I Can’t
                                                        Won’t                Write!
By George Clever the un-writer

1.)                All my pencils are broken and I can’t find a pen.
2.)                I have writer’s block.  Where is the writer’s  Draino?
3.)                My composition teacher told me I was not good at it.
4.)                There is a 2,000 pound elephant sitting on my keyboard.
5.)                Everything worth writing about has been written.
6.)                Writers must write perfectly.  Only God does that.
7.)                I can’t SPEL Goodd.
8.)                What if I became a famous writer?  I would hate that!
9.)                My “to do” list is very long today.
10.)            I get lonely sitting by myself when I write.  

By the way, you can pick up George's book on Amazon.


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