Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Found-- Margaret Peterson Haddix

I'm going to begin today with a warning. Because my book club girls seem to be refusing to actually read and comment on this blog, which they, by the way, asked me to write, I'm considering branching out from just book reviews. I don't think I can change the name, so we will remain Read Between the Lines Bookclub, but beware that I may write about other things as well.

Because of my lack of writing lately, it may seem that I haven't been reading. On the contrary, I've read quite a bit, but haven't been struck by a book enough to write or simply ran out of time.

My most recent read was Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix. (BTW, I still haven't figure out how to underline using this blog, so forgive me for the lack of punctuation there.)I hadn't read anything of hers, though I have seen many teens grabbing her books off the shelves. Found was an enjoyable read. I felt that there was going to be a little bit of a supernatural element to it, but I didn't expect the explanation of what was happening, which was a bonus. However, getting all the children together was a bit forced. Over all, I'd recommend this book to the younger reader. Age 16+ should probably steer clear unless you are planning to purchase it as a gift for a younger sibling.

One final question for all you readers out there, however many of you there may be. If I'm going to stem out from just doing book reviews here, what sort of topic would you like to see covered?

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  1. P.S., I'd have written more about the book, but it's been a few weeks and the details are getting a little fuzzy. Apologies for that.